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Osprey Learning Center instills respect for individuality and enables each student to develop his or her unique abilities through a commitment to learning as a creative, productive, life-long process.


Osprey Learning Center is an alternative education program based on a philosophy of individual accountability, coupled with a commitment to maintaining an atmosphere where students can feel secure, accepted, and challenged. The school seeks to educate students using a wide variety of approaches and innovative teaching methods to address the learning styles of each student. This education is provided in a climate designed to foster a sense of community where students who have experienced frustration in larger educational settings can experience a sense of personal recognition and success.


  • Maintain a system for orientation and enrollment of students that encourages appropriate initial placement of students.
  • Maintain a positive climate where students are provided with individual and group opportunities to build self-esteem, encourage physical and emotional well-being, heighten self-awareness, develop interpersonal skills, and establish personal goals.
  • Provide ongoing counseling and referrals for students and their parents, using a variety of approaches to help students resolve personal issues and to develop social skills and community responsibility. Seek innovative methods and materials that stimulate curiosity and encourage lifelong learning.
  • Incorporate studies across the curriculum that reflect our diverse culture which develop a respect for and appreciation of that culture.
  • Create an atmosphere that respects and incorporates all cultures and encourages positive interpersonal relationships between students, staff, and community.
  • The school staff will work together to nurture curiosity and develop intellectual flexibility/adaptability within the school community. The goal is to enable students to develop control over their own lives and prepare them to enter the working world.


  • Provide educational opportunities for students who have credit deficiency, and attendance and/or behavior problems which require a small school environment to be successful.
  • Assess each student’s academic skills upon entry to design a program with a course of study appropriate to his/her ability level which will meet district graduation requirements.
  • Deliver an academic program, career development, and social services to students to enhance their potential for success as responsible citizens, family members, and workers.